Wedding portrait of a couple in a warm embrace on Exmouth market, London.

Iris & James

This wedding.. well, it’s kinda become my happy place. A river winding through a field of long grass, the woozy gold sunlight that the English Summer usually only teases us with. Iris & James met and fell in love on a Greenpeace mission to the Arctic. The respect, love & awe they have for our home planet was a bright thread running throughout the ceremony and celebration. The focus was on the deep connections between beloved friends and family, across the generations. There were no bridesmaids, just good friends. No wedding cake, just platters of vegan brownies and the most divine Portuguese custard tarts. The stunning location did most of the work for them, along with thoughtful attention given to entertaining the large gang of young guests. Friends pitched tents in the fields and and pitched in to bring out mountainous platters of vegan deliciousness, and along with the cocktail bar in the barn, a perfectly relaxed afternoon meandered into the evening punctuated by beautiful stories, laughter and all the happy tears, dancing, hugging, dips in the cold river and.. there we are, happy place!

Beautiful bride and groom embracing by an old airstream