The beating heart of family life

That is where we usually begin, the beloved set of most family comedy and drama. Of course we’ll put on our best shirts for the family christmas card portrait, but my favourite stories come after that, once the shirt has been crumpled and scuffed from messy hugs and muddy hands. Real family life is warm and well worn, with silly in-jokes, chubby cheeked stubbornness and soft hands smoothing away fears. These are the stories that live on in our hearts and the ones I hope to capture.

A 60 to 90 minute session starts at $250CAD.

Get in touch, let’s go do something fun together.

And Me? Mumma to a little boaty family, we've just set off for new adventures abroad in Canada. Climate Justice, real ale and boardgames are my jam. All the poutine, mountains and my four year old being excellent here..

Portrait of my family on our boat

Portrait taken by my great mate Anne Schwarz.

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We've just moved to Vancouver! Back to London in January 2019 :: +1 778 751 2566 ::