Nick & Leilee’s Hackney Pub Safari

Nick & Leilee’s Hackney Pub Safari

On a cold, February day with sleet on the wind, there is no where better to be than a cosy east London pub with your favourite people.

Nick & Leilee have a love for Hackney and a love for pubs, as do I! Their table setting’s were sweet little handmade signs of favourite pubs, totally an idea I will steal whenever the bearded one and I ever get round to doing the official thing. Everyone met in Stoke Newington’s Rose & Crown before heading over to the Town Hall for the ceremony, then a quick hustle over to the other side of Hackney to Clapton’s The Crooked Billet to warm up by the fire, drink, dance and be merry. The bunting, bouquet and boutonniere’s were all handmade by Leilee’s talented friends, and the gorgeous cake by Little Bear Cakery, another local Hackney supplier.

A super fun moment that made me laugh was the ‘First Shot’, a communal bottoming of hard liquor instead of the more traditional first dance shuffle. It was a good one to end on!

Gareth & Dan

A lovely, understated yet utterly joyful wedding. Emotions ran high during the ceremony at the Chelsea Register, the tears of a groom created a chain reaction of sniffles and tissues around the room (including me). Then it was off to The Lodge in Clapham, an alpine styled pop-up restaurant upstairs of The Clapham North Pub. On entering guests were presented with a choice of delicious cocktails and an oyster stall with all the trimmings. Beautiful, abundant food was a priority for Gareth & Dan and boy were their guests in for a treat, the boards of grilled octopus a stunning highlight. Something that really struck me about this celebration was how warm, affectionate and social the whole party was. You could really see the pleasure the two handsome groom’s, their family and friends took in just being there with each other. Love is the answer!

Quaking and Cèilidhing in Lewes

A peaceful and contemplative ceremony, so peaceful that there are no pictures, in the Lewes Friends Meeting House. Everyone who attends a Quaker wedding signs the certificate, even if they can’t hold a pen! Such a lovely & inclusive tradition. Once all signed, foot-printed and suitably refreshed with tea & biscuits, a jolly folk music procession wound it’s way through the back lanes to the garden of Lewes House for a relaxed picnic, with everyone comfortably settled on straw bales and blankets. Then the speeches and some games, a rocking cèilidh, cake lovingly made by the groom’s mum, (it was so pretty and so DELICIOUS!), followed by even more cèilidh and a music recital by a very talented and slightly shy cousin. This celebration was incredibly thoughtful and with a true DIY, everyone pitch in ethos. It all wound down by the late afternoon with everyone helping to tidy up, stacking the straw bales and untying the bunting, then off to the pub.

Rachael & John

The banks of the river around Putney form the backdrop of many good memories for Rachael and John, so the historical Thames-side London Rowing Club made the perfect spot for them to be married. A sweet, family-centred ceremony on a bright, perfect London day. Stawberries and cream while watching the tide come in, then off to Wimbledon’s Dog & Fox for a private dinner and a party.