Perfectionism is the Enemy of Joy

Perfectionism is the Enemy of Joy


Looking back over all the weddings I have been lucky enough to witness, both as photographer or guest, the most memorably uplifting ones are those that flowed with joy. The Debbie Downer who sometimes shows up to turn the party down, she arrives as the plus one to Mr Perfectionism.  And to quote Ze Frank – “Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes, but he’s a bit of an asshole and no one invites him to their pool parties.” So how do they end up crashing a wedding?

Social media has made our lives very performative, and the addictive natures of our devices means it’s pretty difficult to avoid the steady stream of perfect lives and moments, everything all beautifully lit, perfectly arranged and sprinkled with avocados, #instagoodness & #blessed (vom). We know it’s all heavily curated, that scene was actually photographed fifty times, sprinkled with tears of frustration, and someone has a sore neck from the weird head angle. We know this but it still seeps in under our logical brain to undermine our sense of worth and connection. Everyone does it.. gosh I do it. Maybe I should start sharing some photos of my working desk covered in half drunk cups of tea, ancient toast crumbs and notes that make no sense. #ikillsucculents #whatdoesmakestrindedmean?

Studies have shown that perfectionism disproportionately affects women. We are socialised from a young age to be rule followers and people pleasers, this pressure leading more and more of us  towards anxiety and depression. Following the exact rules of what a ‘perfect wedding’ should look like can easily send the most steely-minded down the path to anxiety and throw open the doors to the aforementioned wedding crashers Mr P and his +1 DD. And here’s the thing, after attending many, many weddings – of all the wonderful people you will have at your wedding, hardly anyone cares what a ‘perfect wedding’ looks like. All they care about is how happy you are, and after that emotional & social need is met the rest is purely physical. Is there good and abundant food, plentiful liquid refreshment, and is there a comfortable place to relax, dance and catch up? The rest is window dressing. Beautiful window dressing, but no-one goes home complaining about the colours of the flowers (and if they do, they are seriously not worth worrying about).

Of course a lot of pleasure can be had in creating and enjoying an aesthetically pleasing event. My wonderful sister in law has had a wedding scrap book since she was a little girl, she had the time of her life planning and pulling off her spectacular wedding. The whole thing brought her immense joy and we were all thrilled to share in that happy beauty. That’s the key, does it bring joy? Is that joy spreading outwards? Awesome, then continue as you were!

But if you are feeling your joy evaporate in the face of competing wedding and life pinterest boards, it’s time to hit the brakes. Delegate. Set fire to that beast of a craft project that seemed like a good idea at the time but now haunts your dreams and made your fingers bleed (hint – if it’s going to take 75 hours of work and people will look at it for 15 minutes.. here, use my flame thrower), invite your friends around to watch it burn while you drink beers and cackle at the bonkersness of weddings. And now, like RIGHT NOW – delete any and all ‘thinspiration’ that may have snuck into view. F*** dieting to fit into a wedding dress, or pressuring others do the same to fit a narrow version of beauty. You are beautiful. You are beloved because of who you are and all the great things you do. As the wonderful, gorgeous Tess Holliday says, @effyourbeautystandards!

Being a human is being imperfect. Loving someone is loving their imperfections. Enjoying your wedding day means focussing on the important bits – the love – and laughing into the wind together.

Love is a Verb

Love is a Verb

The first time I met Vicky & Tim was a typically rainy post-work evening, we cosied up in a Shoreditch pub to talk weddings. Except we didn’t talk weddings, over crisps and London Pride we meandered through politics, Quakerism, protest and the power of direct action, social justice and feminism and when I couldn’t possibly love them any further it turned out that they too were massive board game nerds. By this time I didn’t really care if I shot their wedding, I just wanted to come and hang out with them and play Catan.

They met at an anti-war demonstration in Trafalgar Square while still Uni students, and have been marching shoulder to shoulder ever since. Being Quakers, they held their ceremony and celebratory tea and cake at the Westminster Friends Meeting House, only a very short stroll from Trafalgar Square. I was thrilled they were up for popping out for a quick re-enactment shoot of their first meeting, while the meeting house was buzzing with friends and family pulling flowers and final cake touches together. Trafalgar Square was silly and funny and the thronging tourists treated them like the fabulous celebrities they are meant to be. They already had the placards at home from the previous week’s Pride Parade and they could not have been anymore appropriate. Did I mention that I completely love these two?

Quaker ceremonies are very unique in that they are not structured or lead by a celebrant in a traditional sense. Everyone gathers for quiet contemplation and anyone can speak when they feel ready. There are no pictures, the focus is just on being present with the couple. Interspersed with periods of reflection; poetry, song, wonderful anecdotes, and again and again, deeply felt expressions of affection and respect for Vicky and Tim. Listening to a wide cross section of their favourite humans, especially the young men, articulating heartfelt love without the crutch of copious wedding booze, makes you realise what a beautiful and rare thing it is to be so openly loving with each other. We could all do with a bit more of that in our lives.

The ceremony is concluded with everyone (including the photographer!) signing a beautiful poster sized certificate, and then gathering for tea and cake. I really loved the moment when Vicky and Tim cut the cake and then worked together to slice it up and hand it out to their friends, a simple gesture that managed to say a lot. The guests then rolled their sleeves up to wash the tea cups and brush the last cake crumbs away, then we all piled onto the classic red double decker bus heading East. Hackney City Farm was our destination, a beautiful, lushly rambling social enterprise bringing organic farming and environmental education to the heart of inner city London. It was the perfect London Summer afternoon to rambled about, meet the animals, catch up and be merry.

Special mentions:

  • Vicky’s mum Pam made ALL the clothing for the whole bridal party, including her own. What a legend!
  • Vicky’s awesome Unicorn Doc Marten shoes, the glamorous wedding footwear that will take you from a demo to a wedding and onto the dancefloor. Shimmer right over those police kettles and farm yard puddles.
  • Internal feminist nods of approval for the excellent speeches by all the women including Tim’s incredibly funny Best Woman.

Getting prepared at Westminster Quaker Meeting House Preparations underway at Westminster Quaker Meeting House.Vicky & Tim with placards in Trafalgar Square Vicky & Tim with placards in Trafalgar Square Vicky & Tim walking hand in hand from Trafalgar Square to the Quaker House. Bridal & Groom portraits in the West End. Guests gathered before the ceremony. All guests sign the certificate.Vicky & Tim slice up and hand out cake at the post ceremony tea and cake.Catching the routemaster bus to Hackney City Farm. Arriving at Hackney City Farm for the reception.

Well That Was Unexpected!

Well That Was Unexpected!

Image from Tourism Vancouver

Living the Vancouver Life; October 2017 to January 2019


Ever since the bearded bloke started working for a certain organisation known for getting all up in the faces of whalers, fossil fuel extractors and rainforest wreckers, the option of doing their deeds in another country was often mentioned, talked about and then passed by as life did its usual thing. Until a few months ago. An opportunity arose to go to Canada for 14 months, and after almost saying no (I know right? What where we thinking?), we grabbed the grizzly by it’s ears and said YES to Vancouver.

This was not without it’s stresses. We had to sell the boat (tick and SOB), I had to re-arrange photographers for the clients that had booked me for 2018 which was something that pained me very much but thank all the sky fairies & deities for my most brilliant network of highly talented wedding photographer mates who happily stepped in and took over with a minimum of disruption. I am also so grateful and relieved for the good grace of my clients. It isn’t something I undertook lightly, balancing the needs and opportunities of all the family members, against the cost in time, finance and carbon footprint of multiple flight back and forth, and the peace of mind of my lovely clients.. ugh adulting is so hard sometimes.

Our Vancouver adventure starts on the 30th of October (my daughter Juno is beyond excited about her first proper Halloween, she has a unicorn princess costume ready to go and is telling everyone that “We are moving to Canada and we will get a pumpkin and PEOPLE WILL FILL IT WITH SWEETS!”) and will return sometime in December 2018 or January 2019. So no bookings in the UK for 2018 I’m afraid! But I’m always up for shooting the beautiful life adventure in Vancouver, and for making photographer buddies, especially the nerdy types that like board games, beer and kicking around with our kids.

Second shooting or collaborating on fun, creative, stereotype-smashing editorial shoots is also something I’m also very interested in doing, so hit me up if you have something in mind. Looking forward to meeting new friends in Canada and catching up with old ones on our return to the UK.

x Amy

Rain don’t stop play at Cleo & Ed’s South London Celebration.

Rain don’t stop play at Cleo & Ed’s South London Celebration.

I was really moved to be asked to photograph Cleo & Ed’s wedding. I photographed Cleo’s brother’s wedding a couple of years back and was great friends with their late father, the wonderful Mike aka Minimouse, co-conspirator, mentor and ESB drinking buddy. He was well remembered that day and everyone loudly agreed he would have most definitely approved of proceedings.

As we drove down the hill towards Peckham’s Asylum Chapel  we could see those disturbingly yellowish storm clouds that gather right before an intense summer storm, and the heavens truly opened just as we arrived. But despite the wall of water and the dripping tin roof, everyone’s spirits were high and a beautiful ceremony commenced. After drinks under the portico we all decamped to Brixton East to drink, swap stories and share platters of food. I loved the two personalised home brews prepared especially for toasting the couple.. though someone may have been a bit liberal with the brewers yeast!

Couple leaving


Nick & Leilee’s Hackney Pub Safari

Nick & Leilee’s Hackney Pub Safari

On a cold, February day with sleet on the wind, there is no where better to be than a cosy east London pub with your favourite people.

Nick & Leilee have a love for Hackney and a love for pubs, as do I! Their table setting’s were sweet little handmade signs of favourite pubs, totally an idea I will steal whenever the bearded one and I ever get round to doing the official thing. Everyone met in Stoke Newington’s Rose & Crown before heading over to the Town Hall for the ceremony, then a quick hustle over to the other side of Hackney to Clapton’s The Crooked Billet to warm up by the fire, drink, dance and be merry. The bunting, bouquet and boutonniere’s were all handmade by Leilee’s talented friends, and the gorgeous cake by Little Bear Cakery, another local Hackney supplier.

A super fun moment that made me laugh was the ‘First Shot’, a communal bottoming of hard liquor instead of the more traditional first dance shuffle. It was a good one to end on!

A Christmas Wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf

A Christmas Wedding at Trinity Buoy Wharf

You can probably tell from the pictures that I am a very big fan of squidgy-licious toddlers and lustrous beards, for the very shallow reason that I have them too (in my life, I don’t actually have a beard, though my body sure did make a good attempts at a nice fine blonde one during pregnancy, thanks hormones!). I was so pleased to have this wedding explode into the middle of my grey long winter. Such a super cool, confident, no-drama couple. After the short, sweet but heartfelt ceremony at the classic Chelsea Registery Office, we all walked round the corner to the laid-back but still very Chelsea pub, the Coopers Arms. Once suitably refreshed we all piled into the big red bus which took us to one of my favourite London venues, Trinity Buoy Wharf, home of London’s only lighthouse. The Chainstore was transformed with olive trees and fairy lights into something both cosy and airy, perfect for fine food, great speeches, delicious cocktails and good times. Steve told me that his only real request for the wedding was to have a Mariachi band, and they nailed it. I think I need to have a Mariachi band at my wedding.


Rousing wedding party sing-a-long on top of a London bus.