Nick & Leilee’s Hackney Pub Safari

On a cold, February day with sleet on the wind, there is no where better to be than a cosy east London pub with your favourite people. Nick & Leilee have a love for Hackney and a love for pubs, as do I! Their table setting's were sweet little handmade signs of...

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Feminist Weddings and other Winter Morning Musings.

On my studio days I load my daughter into her buggy and we roll on down the river to her nursery drop off, then I continue to the studio to get on with editing your beautiful weddings. I love this walk because not only is it quite pretty (as only a bit of rubbish...

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Quaking and Cèilidhing in Lewes

A peaceful and contemplative ceremony, so peaceful that there are no pictures, in the Lewes Friends Meeting House. Everyone who attends a Quaker wedding signs the certificate, even if they can't hold a pen! Such a lovely & inclusive tradition. Once all signed,...

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A brand, spanking new website!

Welcome. Please excuse the dust and some dishevelledness, I've yet to completely finish tidying up around here. It's been a while, but I finally got around to tarting up the old website. Still a few fun recent shoots to add, but I promised I'd actually get the thing...

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And Me? I live on a boat, my familial sidekicks are my world and I am super into boardgames. Especially zombie ones. Nerdy boaty instagram fun this way..
Portrait of my family on our boat
Portrait taken by my great mate Anne Schwarz.
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