Image from Tourism Vancouver

Living the Vancouver Life; October 2017 to January 2019


Ever since the bearded bloke started working for a certain organisation known for getting all up in the faces of whalers, fossil fuel extractors and rainforest wreckers, the option of doing their deeds in another country was often mentioned, talked about and then passed by as life did its usual thing. Until a few months ago. An opportunity arose to go to Canada for 14 months, and after almost saying no (I know right? What where we thinking?), we grabbed the grizzly by it’s ears and said YES to Vancouver.

This was not without it’s stresses. We had to sell the boat (tick and SOB), I had to re-arrange photographers for the clients that had booked me for 2018 which was something that pained me very much but thank all the sky fairies & deities for my most brilliant network of highly talented wedding photographer mates who happily stepped in and took over with a minimum of disruption. I am also so grateful and relieved for the good grace of my clients. It isn’t something I undertook lightly, balancing the needs and opportunities of all the family members, against the cost in time, finance and carbon footprint of multiple flight back and forth, and the peace of mind of my lovely clients.. ugh adulting is so hard sometimes.

Our Vancouver adventure starts on the 30th of October (my daughter Juno is beyond excited about her first proper Halloween, she has a unicorn princess costume ready to go and is telling everyone that “We are moving to Canada and we will get a pumpkin and PEOPLE WILL FILL IT WITH SWEETS!”) and will return sometime in December 2018 or January 2019. So no bookings in the UK for 2018 I’m afraid! But I’m always up for shooting the beautiful life adventure in Vancouver, and for making photographer buddies, especially the nerdy types that like board games, beer and kicking around with our kids.

Second shooting or collaborating on fun, creative, stereotype-smashing editorial shoots is also something I’m also very interested in doing, so hit me up if you have something in mind. Looking forward to meeting new friends in Canada and catching up with old ones on our return to the UK.

x Amy