I was really moved to be asked to photograph Cleo & Ed’s wedding. I photographed Cleo’s brother’s wedding a couple of years back and was great friends with their late father, the wonderful Mike aka Minimouse, co-conspirator, mentor and ESB drinking buddy. He was well remembered that day and everyone loudly agreed he would have most definitely approved of proceedings.

As we drove down the hill towards Peckham’s Asylum Chapel ¬†we could see those disturbingly yellowish storm clouds that gather right before an intense summer storm, and the heavens truly opened just as we arrived. But despite the wall of water and the dripping tin roof, everyone’s spirits were high and a beautiful ceremony commenced. After drinks under the portico we all decamped to Brixton East to drink, swap stories and share platters of food. I loved the two personalised home brews prepared especially for toasting the couple.. though someone may have been a bit liberal with the brewers yeast!

Couple leaving