Welcome. Please excuse the dust and some dishevelledness, I’ve yet to completely finish tidying up around here. It’s been a while, but I finally got around to tarting up the old website. Still a few fun recent shoots to add, but I promised I’d actually get the thing live sooner rather than much, much later, when the whole thing was perfect. You know how long that can take. Uh, as long as never.


So in 2014 I did take it easy on the work front, why? Well, this small person took up most of my attention! She is fabulous. And yeah, that is just a cruddy phone picture. Trust a photographer to hardly ever pull out the grown up camera in her personal life. Well, we were hiking up some big old mountains and there were weight limitations, i.e. the baby, her gear and our lunches. That’s not my impressively furry leg by the way.

I’m really looking to a busy 2015, meeting you beauties, telling your wonderful stories and trying to strike the right blogging balance between inane waffling and just the one, optimistic yet ultimately lonely single post.  And I just remembered that I also promised to be better at social media too, which so far I’ve been terrible at. I also promise to link up with all the highly talented people I’ve worked with, share the love and all that.

So please do come back again soon.  For more love, waffle, talent and possibly a few more cheeky pictures of my most excellently chubulent daughter.

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